5 Best Bike Locks

You can lock a car, set an immobilizer, turn on an alarm and it can still get stolen from you. So, what chance do you have at protecting a bike? The truth is, your ability to protect your bike is limited and if you skimp on your bike security by getting a cheap cable bike lock you are likely going to lose it. Sadly, there are too many people out there who will happily just ride off on your property if they can get it free of your security quickly enough. But there are some pretty tough locks out there and they will have people thinking twice about trying to steal your wheels.

1. Onguard Beast 8016

Bolt cutter proof, hacksaw resistant and even too daunting a time task for an angle grinder, the Onguard Beast 8016 is hardcore security. This chain style lock is made from 14mm steel links that have been reinforced with titanium. It is a long and heavy chain which means you can lock up multiple bikes at once and its key lock mechanism is not at all easy to pick.

2. Kryptonite New York Legend Chain

Kryptoite has become famous for their high quality bike locks and the ones in their New York range are especially well respected. Created to deal with a city where crimes such as bike theft are an extremely common occurrence, models like the New York Legend Chain are invaluable. This lock is forged with 15mm steel links which feed into a 16mm deadbolt. This means that the chain is bolt cutter and hacksaw proof although it doesn’t stand up to an angle grinder quite as well as the Beast. It would still take some time to get through, however, so the thief would need to be determined. [Purchase]

3. Hiplok V1.50 Chain Lock

The Hiplock is a very portable chain which can be carried easily either on the body of your bike, around your waist or in a bag. It is pretty tough with 8mm hardened steel links which can shrug off bolt cutters and hacksaws. Unfortunately though this chain can’t stand up to power tools as an angle grinder can take this down in around a minute. So if you are parking up in a rough area then this lock may not be enough for your needs. [Purchase]

4. Kryptonite Series 2 Package

This U-Lock style offering from Krytonite isn’t as tough as the New York Legend but it does offer a little more security from vandals. The U-Lock also includes a cable that you can loop around the wheels, seat and handlebars, stopping someone from swiping parts of your bike. This model will ward off bolt cutters, and hacksaws pretty well and its design means both sides of the U-Shape would have to be cut. Sadly though, the bar won’t hold up to well to an angle grinder. [Purchase]

5. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Lock

Just to prove Kryptonite can create a very tough U-Lock, the Fahgettaboudit is considered the strongest on the market right now. With a vinyl surround, bolt cutters or hacksaws can’t even get cutting purchase let alone cut through the metal underneath. The lock on this model is resistant to popping thanks to the centralized keyway. This lock was tested in the toughest areas of NYC and basically anything attached to the lock was safe as houses. The rest of the bike was stripped bare, however, but it does go to show that in a neighborhood where you have plenty of time to commit the crime they couldn’t bust the bike lock. [Purchase]