5 Best Bicycle Helmets

When you are relying on just two wheels to get around you really have to take safety into consideration. It may not be cool looking to wear a bike helmet but a cracked skull isn’t exactly the height of awesome either. Bike helmets are vital and a good one can be the difference between a few scuffs and major medical bills should you take a spill.

1. Giro Aeon


This helmet is lightweight, well ventilated and very sturdy making it a great choice for those who don’t much like the feel of wearing head protection. With anti-microbial removable internal pads, this helmet also offers odor protection from sweat build up. [Purchase]

2. Poc Octal

The Poc Octal is a more substantial feeling helmet which has good ventilation and offers a great comfortable fit. This helmet also offers a slot at the back to fit an ICEdot (In Case of Emergency) sensor meaning you can get help if you take a really bad fall off your bike. [Purchase]

3. Louis Garneau Course

This helmet was created using a lot of practical testing to produce a helmet that matches the needs of your average rider. Clever vents on this helmet actually pull in cool air and push it out through the back helping to both cool the rider and improve aerodynamics. [Purchase]

4. Smith Forefront

This heavy helmet offers serious protection to the sensitive areas of your head while being really comfortable as well. Designed by a company that specializes in snow-boarding gear, it may not come as a surprise that this helmet also works well with cycling goggles which obviously help protect your eyes. [Purchase]

5. Troy Lee Designs A-1

One of the heavier helmets on the market this offering is designed for rugged cycling in which there is a greater risk of hitting your head on rocks if you crash. Capable of taking a pretty solid hit this is still a comfortable helmet with plenty of vents to keep you cooler. [Purchase]