BeastGrip Pro


Smartphones usually can’t keep up with action sports camera like GoPro. Given that it can easily be damaged if dropped on a trail and it doesn’t have enough features for quick capture. Fortunately, you can now transform your smartphone into an action camera with the help of BeastGrip Pro.

BeastGrip, coming with both sizeable angles and the fisheye lenses is a universal and flexible housing which fits virtually any camera phone you can find these days. Its modular layout additionally supports the attachment of the detachable lens, stand, mic, the flash or LED depending upon the kind of footage, and a great ergonomic hand-grip for stable shots and also upgraded camera level of quality. Basically, there’s the standard 37mm threaded lens mount combined with 5 customary 1/4” 20-threaded mounts available for supplementary accessories or components. The BeastGrip can really help you enhance your photography skills.

BeastGrip Pro 2


BeastGrip Pro 5