BakBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver

BakBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver 1Introducing the BakBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver. This man tool doesn’t actually require any specific shaving cream, and it is way better than requesting your wife/girlfriend to help cut that difficult to reach back hair. That back hair isn’t something to be embarrassed about, but there actually is no good reason to go walking around looking just like a caveman.

The DIY back hair razor provides a 4″ broad safety razor and 14″ long grip to tidy up the hard to reach portions of your back. Shaving hair with a BakBlade is similar to using a back scratching tool. You can hold it with the teeth facing the skin and pull it gently across the overgrown spots. [Purchase]BakBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver 3

BakBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver 2