Audi Project Plan B Truck

Audi Project Plan B Truck 1
Huge trucks aren’t that cool looking on the highway especially if you get near them with their loud horns and intimidating size. These enormous 18-wheelers suppress other automobiles on the streets and lend themselves much more to eyesores than their usefulness. Nevertheless, that gets thrown away by the wayside if with Audi’s Project Plan B Truck concept.

The objective of the project, named Truck For Audi, was to produce a design for a self-driving electric vehicle for the German automobile producer. In this instance, since the concept itself breaks brand new ground in the truck driving world, it just made sense that creators Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko would also virtually transform the way we look at these trucks. The result is a remarkable piece of vehicle conceptualization, showcasing extended headlights and tail lights together with design lines sleeker than a widebody Porsche. It also features a cockpit inspired cabin. No matter what the case, if this concept does make it on the highway sooner or later, they are guaranteed to draw considerable attention from surrounding motorists.

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