Aston Martin Powerboat

aston-martin-powerboat-1“Power, Beauty and Soul.” This is the motto of Aston Martin for years and proven true with their new AM37 power boat. This powerboat is the very first powerboat to bring the company’s title, and one of the unusual crossovers to share the automaker’s genetic make-up. Much like the cars, this 37-foot speeder is constructed from high-tech hybrid material and carbon fibre. These materials are essential for the the sliding deck, enabling you to easily protect the cockpit when you are accomplished for the day with no need to store everything aside.

Additional features contain air conditioning, a refrigerator, and espresso maker that will be started remotely, control monitor, built-in navigation and amusement systems operated by way of a 15-inch touch screen, and a optimum velocity of 44 knots, or even 52 within the “S” model.