Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent

Armadillo 4

Architect Ron Arad designed an interesting form of masterpiece, the Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent. A never-before-seen design of a tent best for the outdoors. Anytime you need an enclosure, a place for privacy, or shelter, Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent will serve its purpose. The shell structures are extreme features to cover you up.

Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent has 5 molded shells in modular shapes. Once joined together, it will be give you the option to expand or compress depending upon the space you need. The shells are entirely coated with waterproof protection for outdoor use. Finishes varied from oiled plywood to PVDF coated timber.

The Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent consists of brass and bronze material from the shell fixings, down into the foot brackets. Actually, Armadillo Canopy Tent is free-standing which eliminates the hassles of finding support anchors. There is an unusual excitement in the arrival of this fashionable tent. From the looks of it, we can’t imagine how tent will evolve anymore in the future.

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