Arc’teryx Voltaire 30 Avalanche Backpack


The Arc’Teryx developed an innovative backpack to protect skiers and mountaineers from the risks of an avalanche. This comes handy in risky or unstable environments. It’s a type of airbag pack that is deployable not only once, but several times in a single day for constant safety support.

The pack takes 5 seconds to inflate and powered by a rechargeable battery to do it. In case of a puncture, or just to stay inflated, it’s pumped by additional air. It carries a centrifugal blower of the same pressure as the standard gas C02 cartridge systems.

Since this bag performs best in unkind weather during winter, it’s been made super equipped with lots of functionality and is waterproof via AC² technology. Aside from that, it has 30 L wide consumable space to organize stuff inside. You’ll find this bag along with the conveniences you can’t imagine. It’s your perfect travelling buddy on your own journey through the heights of the mountain and won’t let you down.