Arcaboard $20k Real Hoverboard Uses High Powered Fans

ArcaBoardLooking for a real hoverboard? Check out this huge green fan-powered rectangle which is the closest thing to a hoverboard today. This is known as the ArcaBoard and it is available for sale.

The hoverboard was produced from Arca Space Corporation, a firm concentrated on aerospace machines for an exclusive space trip. The board is driven by a couple of batteries operating 36 electric powered ducted fans. The product boasts 272 horsepower and hovers at approximately a foot above ground.

ArcaBoard hoverboard

The ArcaBoard deals with a flight time of as much as 6 minutes for drivers that weigh an optimum of 176 lbs (80 kgs). A model for heavier owners that weigh up to 243 lbs (110 kgs) can get just about 3 minutes of float time. Detectors restrict the board to a 12.5 miles per hour speed.