Apple iPhone X Bezel-Free Screen

Apple iPhone X Bezel-Free Screen 1

There’s a brand new iPhone and people are going crazy as usual. But in contrast to a normal-sized iPhone and a plus-sized iPhone we hear of each year, now we have a 3rd model: the iPhone X. it is a total reinvention of Apple’s revolutionary smartphone.

Indeed the first full upgrade of the iPhone since its creation, the device dismisses its signature bezel and home key at the bottom of the front display, deciding to go with a bezel-free design in its place. This phone is all screen, entirely transforming the way you deal with Apple’s smartphone.

The Apple iPhone X features a Super Retina OLED screen (5.8-inch) with a 2436 x 1125 resolution and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic covering. It sustains both Dolby Vision and also HDR10, to help you watch movies with the same quality to your TV at your home. The front-facing TrueDepth camera only disrupts the screen along the top, which blends a seven-megapixel image detector with an infrared camera to offer accurate facial recognition with 30,000 invisible dots. Apple thinks its new facial recognition, known as Face ID, is safer than their old fingerprint biometric method, so the new smartphone makes use of it to validate your identity, unlocking the phone and also making payments with Apple Pay.

Apple iPhone X Bezel-Free Screen 2

Apple iPhone X Bezel-Free Screen 3

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