Anti Snore Wearable

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The Anti Snore Wearable is a great invention to solve problems of snoring. According to a study, people who sleep on their back have 70% chance of snoring. So, the Anti Snore’s job will be to let the snorer turn to their side. Once this happens, the snorer’s airway will open and stop snoring.

Anti Snore Wearable attaches to one arm and links to the “Do I Snore” app on smartphones via Bluetooth. The said app is sensitive to snoring sounds and eventually send signals to the Anti Snore Wearable. In response to the notification of the App, the Anti Snore will vibrate in a gentle way. The vibration will force the user to change its sleeping position which to turn to its side.

This method appears valuable and worth trying too. Who doesn’t need quiet nights anyway? If you’re OK wearing an armband with your phone beside you, then you’re good to go.

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