Animal Print Ski Masks

Animal Print Ski Masks 1Here’s a product to help you keep warm in the course of the winter season. Teya Salat, Russian tattoo model, has developed a variety of ski masks which will promptly turn you into an animal.

Animal Print Ski Masks 2

The Animal Print Ski Masks are imprinted with styles of various animal faces, like raccoons, lions, pandas, and even Grumpy Cat. The selection is a lovely take on the conventional balaclava, which happens to be a usually black hand-knit facemask usually used by soldiers stationed in chilly environments or thieves on a bank heist.

Animal Print Ski Masks 3

Salat’s products not just provide the balaclava a far more pleasing look, but additionally they enable you to get noticed from the crowd at the ski slopes. Head on over here to purchase an animal ski mask.

Animal Print Ski Masks 4

Therefore regardless of whether you’re preparing a skiing vacation, combating off the bitter cold or perhaps driving a bicycle along the filthy road, her animal balaclavas are certain to turn heads and stretch lots of laughs along the route.

Animal Print Ski Masks 6

Animal Print Ski Masks 5