An Alarm Clock That Also Brews Your Coffee


It’s not a secret that the first five minutes of consciousness for most of us each day includes preparing a cup of coffee. Well to help you get yourself a jump-start on your morning, developer Joshua Renouf has created an uplifting alarm clock that commences the procedure even before you wake up. Making use of induction heating system and stainless ballbearings, the Barisieur boils water for coffee, producing the scent of your beloved beans while you rise to begin your day. You will find a cooled slot for milk and also storage space for sugar and also for additional grounds.

The Barisieur 2

Besides the savoury appeal of coffee, the alarm clock was created to awaken you up with the delicate motion of stainless balls in the cylinders as the water boils and finally pours into the cup. If you are striking the snooze key at the humming of your alarm clock each morning, The Barisieur may be the answer you are searching for.

The Barisieur 3

The Barisieur 4