Amazon Key Smart Lock Lets You Open Your Front Door For Package Deliveries

Amazon Key 1


The Amazon Key features an Amazon Cloud Camera and a suitable smart lock (the program already utilizes current units from Yale and Kwikset). Fundamentally, you set up the smart lock at your own door instead of your current deadbolt and install the Cloud Cam inside the house such that it’s facing the doorway. The concept is it is possible to provide Amazon’s delivery folks entry to make use of the smart lock while counting on the camera to document their behavior while inside. Therefore, you will have a record of any activities done by the shipping people, which will help prevent them from doing anything unpleasant.

When a courier first gets there in your home, they will examine the barcode on the item, which transmits a request to Amazon’s servers. You are able to then get a prompt from the Amazon software to either let the shipping or otherwise not. When you approve a shipping and delivery, the website server will activate the camera to begin documenting and the courier gets a prompt on their program that provides them entry to the doorway. They open the door, put the item inside, relock the door on the application, and it’s completed. Once a delivery is completed, the customer gets a notification about it. It is possible to watch the delivery completed live, incidentally, via a live feed from the video camera.


Amazon Key 2

Amazon Key 3

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