Alkemist Infuse A Bottle Of Alchohol With Delicious Flavors

Alkemista Alcohol Infuser Bottle 1

Alkemista Alcohol Infuser Bottle works like infuser bottles that allow you to lace your drinkable water with flavors from fresh fruits and herbs. However, it is custom-designed to put extra flavor to spirits, letting you convert an erstwhile lousy bottle of vodka into a bit more pleasant to drink.

The Alkemista features a 950ml bottle, with a detachable filter inside that will hold a 200ml amount of spices, fruit, and herbs. A screw-on stainless-steel bottom lid enables quick access to the infusion filter, just while doubling as a hassle-free way to effortlessly clean the bottle. To utilize, just remove the bottom cover to add substances to the filtration system, screw it back on, and fill the base alcohol into the bottle. It will hold a full 750ml of spirits, to help you empty out a whole bottle of vodka, gin, or whatever poison you want to blend your cocktails.

It features a silicone cork stopper that’s covered in stainless steel to close the bottle tight, letting you place it on a shelf without ruining the alcoholic beverages. And given that the filter is detachable, you can take it off at any time the spirit has been properly infused or put a new set of ingredients to alter the taste further.

Alkemista Alcohol Infuser Bottle 2

Alkemista Alcohol Infuser Bottle 4