Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone

Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone 1

Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone features inflatable arms. This makes it a lot easier for transport and also allows it to securely land on water, as the air filled arms are buoyant.

The blow-up arms can collapse when not being used, letting you transfer it to a small container, rather than needing a big backpack. Additionally, they inflate fast, so that you can connect it to an air pump and be able to fly within a few minutes.

The Airvada Diodon is available in three models: HP150, MP40, and SP20. All three have a hexacopter platform with six arms equipped with motor-and-propeller assembly. The drone is made with an encased body that is waterproof. Thus you can let it float on water and even cruise it in the rain. All of the drones, furthermore, differ in size, load capacity, and durability, so you can get the specific one you need to meet your particular needs.

Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone 2