Air Fort Inflatable Fortress

Air Fort Inflatable Fortress 1

The Air Fort is a beautiful inflatable fortress that carries out a shape resembling typical circus tents, with a comparatively tall roof, so children can run, leap, and stand while actively playing inside. It is about 77 x 50 inches, so it should quickly support a small number of children (and even some adults) with no trouble. Getting in and out is not hard, too, given that the fortress doesn’t possess flooring and all you need to do is raise the bottom to easily slip under. Generally, at no point may even small children feel like they’re stuck inside the fort.

To install, just place the toy on the ground, connect a box fan towards the end of the tunnel, and turn it on. When the fan pushes air into the inside, it will pump up to the ideal form in under 30 seconds, and after that you’ve got yourself an operational fortress for the youngsters to spend the time playing in. Getting a fan blowing air inside the fort sees to it that stuff will never get too warm inside, as a breathable material lets air to flow appropriately even without any obvious ventilation.


Air Fort Inflatable Fortress 2

Air Fort Inflatable Fortress 3

Air Fort Inflatable Fortress 4