Aevena Aire Alexa Self-Flying Intelligent Speaker Drone

Aevena Aire Alexa 1


A speaker and a self-supporting flight drone, the machine can respond to all your requests while following you throughout the house wherever you go. Now, you don’t have to have another smart speaker in every spot – this item will just follow while you move from the family room to the cooking area all the way to the main room.

The Aevena Aire has a form similar to a flower pot, despite in an all-black shade, so it’s likely to appear slightly weird flying throughout the house. It makes use of a ducted propulsion design that shelters the single powerplant and propeller inside the round shell, so there is no chance the rotating propellers hitting something or anyone in your house. As outlined by Aevena, this system raises the battery life considerably, all while minimizing thrust loss from the propeller tips, which makes it quite the efficient drone on top of being safe.

It comes with several video cameras, sonar, and IMU detectors that let it figure out the positioning whenever you want, offering it the power to fly to any section of the room easily. The most impressive thing about this gadget is it’s 360-degree barrier avoidance, along with finding and landing on any suitable charging dock at any time it’s low on battery.



Aevena Aire Alexa 2

Aevena Aire Alexa 3

Aevena Aire Alexa 4