Adventure Tape – Just Like Duct Tape Without The Sticky Residue

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The Adventure Tape enable you to repair outdoor gear that gets broken in a flash. Unlike duct tape, you can remove it without making any residue, which makes it an excellent option as a brief emergency fix as you won’t have to scrub any sticky leftover later on.

The Adventure Tape features a unique polyurethane system that makes it very strong while having the ability to extend to 8 times its original size. That’s correct, it stretches, which should make it perfect for binding material that moves since it still allows motion rather than limiting it the way options like duct tape will perform. It is additionally abrasion-resistant. Therefore, it can brush against tough items while taking a minor wear, which is why it’s great for outdoorsmen, tourists, and extreme sports lovers.

The material holds onto itself, which explains why it’s made to use in several layers. This feature indicates the tape is also reusable as it still keeps its ability to hold onto itself despite removing it from where you applied it. After removing the tape, wash it with tap water before putting it away, prepared for another emergency use.

Apart from being employed as a binding, the Adventure Tape may also function as a way to instantly patch leaky water lines, since it is entirely waterproof. The only restriction will be in the cold weather, as the tape starts to lose some of its attributes at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius.



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