Absolut Hangsmart Wall-mount Frame

Absolut Hangsmart Wall-mount Frame 1

Instead of mounting your framed artpiece or picture on a nail or hook, you place the frame on the hook-like device along the top of the bracket. That’s it. As soon as it’s secured, you just relocate the frame right, left, up, or down to your choice – the mount will instantly level it when you choose a spot.

The Absolut Hangsmart enables you to adjust framed art within 6 inches horizontally and 8 inches vertically, providing you with enough wiggle room to locate the best position. In the event that it still doesn’t work out, it actually includes an adhesive backing, so that you can mount it briefly to test things out before deciding. Once you’re certain you have discovered the correct place, just fix it using the threaded openings on the frame to completely affix to the wall.

Absolut Hangsmart Wall-mount Frame 2

Absolut Hangsmart Wall-mount Frame 3