Guy Flies in Giant Drone By Putting 54 Drones Together

What should you do when you have extra cash and plenty of time you can spend on doing something awesome? If you are feeling creative, you might like to get an idea from a YouTube user known as Gasturbine101 and create your own helicopter. Yes, your personal helicopter! Who says that only billionaires are able to use them on the day-to-day? The Youtuber recorded himself soaring the hand-made copter crafted from 54 drones and plenty of hobby electronic devices.

Homemade Helicopter With 54 Drones

A Guy Creates a Helicopter Using 54 Drones
Drones are a more prevalent word for small unmanned air vehicles, so when assembled, based on the video outline, the helicopter can remain airborne for 10 minutes and can carry a weight of 164kg. It may not allow you to fly up to another country or city, but it can be quite a good thing to boast about to your pals. Or pay a visit to people who reside inside its short radius.